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Shogun3D's Coding Page

Welcome to blueshogun96 AKA Shogun3D's coding page!

Well, as of now, here's what managed to survive the fairly recent death of one of my hard drives (don't get me wrong here, I'm coding new stuff as you read this). There's many things I'd like to share with you all, but there are some things that I will have to rewrite due to the loss of one of my USB hard drives. These are various game related projects I am working on or have worked on before. Some of them are complete enough to release, others are either in beta or preview stages (which I try to keep at minimum; I need to keep finishing my projects!) so check back from time to time and feel free to ask on the status of some things =).

Click below to view a particular game project's details screenshots, code and/or downloads where available

CyberCrash Engine

  1. Platform(s): Windows
  2. Language: C++
  3. APIs: DirectX 9.0, Winsock
  4. Developent Time: 1 Year (off and on)
  5. Misc: XInput Compatible (360 gamepad)

An engine I started writing for a futuristic 3D racing game I began working on last year, CyberCrash. This is a continuously evolving engine including code that I've written, and various other open source libraries and other source files from various SDKs (i.e. Microsoft and NVIDIA). So far it supports a variety of features including physics, multi-threading, streaming audio, networking, 3D mesh and map loading and optimizations, SSE optimizations shader management, AVI playback and recording, asychronous I/O, fast spline code, and XML scripting. Collision detection has yet to be added.

I really enjoy working on this, and hopefully I'll have time in the future to continue to add on to it.


  1. Platform(s): Windows
  2. Language: C++
  3. APIs: DirectX 9.0
  4. Developent Time: Can't remember, wrote this around 2009
  5. Misc: XInput Compatible (360 gamepad)

This was actually a fun project to work on, in spite of it being a simple concept today. Neo-Asteroids is more than just a clone of Asteroids by Activision (TM), it was intended to be a more interesting version of it featuring faster paced and smoother gameplay, power ups, unique sound effects and glowy graphics, as well as a few other twists. Choose between 5 different difficulty levels and 3 [working] power-ups. See those star-like asteroids? Those are crystal asteroids that regenerate their size every 10-15 seconds, giving the game a more chaotic feel. Give a try, and see what high-score you can reach!

3rd Person Shooter Tutorial (Meta-Balls)

  1. Platform(s): Multi-Platform (Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.)
  2. Language: C
  3. APIs: OpenGL (GLUT)
  4. Developent Time: A few weeks

Given the fact that (at the time) there are little to no tutorials on writing a 3rd person shooter, I decided to write my own to contribute to the game dev universe! To keep things simple for beginners, I wrote this entire game using C and OpenGL (and GLUT for portability). Uses OpenGL's selection features for object picking and detecting targets inside the crosshair range. Hopefully it will be of some help to someone! =)

Also, keep in mind that even though I designed this code to be cross-platform, I haven't confirmed it to be working on any other OSes yet. It should compile with minimal issues (you might have to change a thing or two; I used GetTickCount() which is for Windows). If you find any specific issues with this code, let me know, please!

Donuts (Xbox)

  1. Platform(s): Original Xbox (Xbox1)
  2. Language: C
  3. APIs: XTL, DirectX
  4. Developent Time: Less than 24 hours

Anyone who's been using the DirectX SDK since the pre-2000s should recognize this. This is a port of Microsoft's sample game "Donuts" from DirectX 3.0 to XTL (Xbox). I did this for fun many years ago (probably sometime in 2008). I always found it to be a neat little game, and now my youngest nephew can enjoy it on an actual game console! I intentionally kept alot of the old code intact to preserve the game's "heritage". =)

Ryu Awai (Pale Dragon)

  1. Platform(s): Windows
  2. Language: C
  3. APIs: OpenGL, OpenAL, XInput
  4. Developent Time: 9 months off and on

This is one of my more serious game projects. Ryu Awai is a 2D top-scrolling Japanese style arcade game aimed at bringing the user that 1990s feel of a Sega-like arcade style game. The game concept is quite unique, and I (not to be smug) get lots of compliments on this project, and yes, I AM making this game for a lady! Helps remind me how important it is to finish your projects (of course I'll finish it)!

This game is not ready for a demo/beta yet, but I have uploaded a youtube video of this game in action (in sandbox mode). Also, I promised her that she'd be the first one to play it!